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HerdMaster (established in 1998) is the longest running, most successful, and most trusted alpaca herd management solution throughout the world.

Now you can choose to run HerdMaster in either 'Unpaid' or 'Professional' mode.

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Unpaid mode

Professional mode
  • outright purchase
  • no subscriptions
  • no size restrictions

Free HerdMaster download

For you
Designed by alpaca breeders for alpaca breeders, HerdMaster combines the best working practices of the largest herds and makes these available to all breeders large and small.
The right choice
Whether you're just starting a new alpaca venture and want to get things right from the start, or have an established herd of thousands, HerdMaster is the right choice for your future.

No complex program to learn - HerdMaster is simplicity itself. Other than the ability to use a mouse and a keyboard no experience is necessary: HerdMaster's step-by-step wizards walk you through all tasks.
Easy to learn
A full set of tutorials will have you operating HerdMaster proficiently within minutes; and HerdMaster's comprehensive Help facility provides context-sensitive information and tips at the touch of a button.

Bottom line gain
HerdMaster leverages your data to
  • promote your sales
  • simplify your breeding decisions
  • avoid expensive mistakes
  • show you where things are going well and where they're not
  • and of course ensure your herd management is always up to date
Back office integration
  • streamlines your office work
  • produces business-critical reports
  • reports directly to email
  • exports to Microsoft Office applications
  • exports directly to AlpacaSeller
  • is fully network compatible

Support is always available whenever you need it: just send a 'support request' directly from HerdMaster and we'll give you all the personal attention you need, including live support and desktop transfer if you wish.
HerdMaster is the most cost-effective solution available. HerdMaster can be run completely free in 'Unpaid mode', and in 'Professional mode' is priced to ensure that all breeders can have access to the support their business needs. See here for more details, or here for a free download.